Experts new warning over vintage Corningware casserole dish

Must See 10/09/2019

There's a chance that you may know of someone who has one of the classic Corningware casserole dishes in their cupboard.

And if you do know of someone who uses the dish regularly - especially the very popular Spice-o-Life Corningware dish which were available from 1972 to 1988 - then you may want to let them know the latest findings by experts.

Tamara from Lead Safe Mama has turned her testing to the classic vintage dish, not long after discovering a warning for the very popular vintage Tupperware.

The global expert whose research into the alarming lead and poison levels in some of the world’s most popular vintage kitchen items, posted her findings on her website.

Testing the tomato in the vegetable pattern on the outside of the dish, Tamara found the lead levels to be nearly 300 times the acceptable amount. She also found alarming levels of cadmium - well above the levels considered safe in modern testing. Click here to see her full results.