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10 of our favourite recipes using Caramilk chocolate

If you need baking inspo for the long weekend - why not give a few of these recipes a go?

Despite the controversy around Cadbury, they have done an awesome thing by bringing back one of our favourite chocolate blocks back full time!

That's right, Caramilk is back on supermarket shelves, and they're back for good.

And if you find yourself with a surplus of the blocks handy, or you just feel like whipping something yummy and Caramilk-y up - then here are 10 of our favourite recipes.

Easy, no-bake Caramilk Balls

You can find the recipe for these super simple but extremely delicious no-bake Caramilk Balls here.

Caramilk Mud Cake

It's kind of like a yummy white chocolate mudcake, but the Caramilk chocolate makes it have a bit more of a caramelly hint - delicious!

You can find the recipe for this crowd pleaser here.

2-Ingredient Caramilk Mousse

If you find yourself with a block of Caramilk and some cream - then maybe it's time to whip up this easy Caramilk Mousse! You can find the recipe here.

Caramilk Brownie

Imagine biting into a yummy chocolate brownie and finding a big chunk of Caramilk? How yum!

Find the recipe for the delicious Caramilk brownie here.

Caramilk Cookies

There aren't too many sweet tooths in this world who don't love a good cookie. So why not try cookies that have sweet, delcious Caramilk in them too?

10 of our favourite recipes using Caramilk chocolate

Cadbury Caramilk Martini

If you find yourself hosting a get together with the girlfriends, why not make it a little more fun by putting on some yummy Caramilk Martinis!

They're sure to be a great talking point, and are super yummy. You can find the recipe here.

Caramilk and Macadamia Brioche

Take your classic cinnamon brioche's up a level by using Caramilk chocolate!

Caramilk Crunchie Fudge

Those who love to use their slow cooker are loving creating delicious Caramilk Crunchie Fudge!

With a quick prep time, quick cook time and yum results it's no wonder it's a hit! Click here for the recipe.

Caramilk Cupcakes

This recipe is perfect for if you want to use Caramilk chocolate in your baking, but don't want to use a whole entire block of chocolate! Just by using 12 squares you can create these cupcakes.

10 of our favourite recipes using Caramilk chocolate

Home-made Caramilk Chocolate

Luckily, we can buy Caramilk whenever we like now. But if you ever feel like you want to 'earn it' there is a great recipe that only requires 6-steps until you have your very own Caramilk chocolate made from home!