Win a Gourmet Platter


The Breeze Marlborough have teamed up with The Wine Station, to bring you their ‘Gourmet Platter Shout’.  

If you’re over 18, text PLATTER to 934 and you’re in to win.

The Wine Station is Marlborough’s leading wine and food experience - the recommended Marlborough experience.

A unique concept where visitors can sample from a selection of 80 premium Marlborough wines, in one centrally located venue.

Located at the newly renovated 1906 heritage building, Blenheim Railway Station, The Wine Station is a show piece for Marlborough wine and artisan food products.

Visitors to the Wine Station use a “wine tasting card” to select a tasting, a half or full glass to exact measurements, from specialised, temperature controlled, dispensing machines that ensure maximum flavour and aroma of the wine.

A range of gourmet platters are available to complement the wine tasting experience. These gourmet food platters bring together some of Marlborough and New Zealand’s premium artisan producers.

There is chilled wine for purchase by the bottle (to enjoy at The Wine Station or take home) and world-wide door-to-door delivery options are available.  The café serves barista coffee, bakery items and craft beers. The Wine Station team is passionate about sharing their knowledge of the Marlborough region’s wine and food.

Open daily from 9:30am to 7:30pm, Monday to Sunday.