Heroic off duty nurse saves woman's life after car accident


Dramatic footage has shown the moment an off-duty Ohio nurse gave CPR to a pregnant woman who stopped breathing following a serious car accident, ultimately saving her life.

The video, posted on Facebook by the nurse's co-worker Danielle Nicole, shows Keith Ezell attempting to resuscitate the woman as she lies motionless in the middle of the road.

Mr Ezell and Ms Nicole came across the woman while travelling to the hospital where they both work. After a minute or two, paramedics arrived and took over giving CPR to the woman - just a few moments later, they announced the woman had a pulse.

Ms Nicole can be heard turning to her co-worker and saying "Good work", to which he responds, "My job is done".

People who were watching on in concern then started approaching Mr Ezell, thanking him for the good deed he did and praising his efforts.

But a humble Mr Ezell refused to make a big deal of his heroic actions, and quickly made his way to his car saying he needed to get to work.