George Michael's family furious after leak of 999 call


Lawyers for the family of singer George Michael are "upset and appalled" after the leak of a transcript and recording of the 999 call made after his death. T

he star's partner Fadi Fawaz said he found the singer dead in his bed, at home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire before a Christmas lunch last year.

In the recording, Fawaz says Michael is dead. "He's in bed. Dead. He's cold and he's blue ... yes, he's very stiff. He's dead ... he's dead," he says.

The family's lawyers say they are pushing for an investigation into how the tape became public. In a statement, Michael's family said: "George's family and friends are extremely upset and truly appalled that such a personal, painful and clearly confidential recording has been leaked.

"On their behalf we will be ensuring that a full investigation takes place to establish how this material was made available and we will expect the culprit(s) to be dealt with appropriately."

The ambulance provider said they have been informed of the leak and are launching an immediate investigation into the leak.

Meanwhile, the coroner's inquest into the 53-year-old pop star's death drags on, reportedly putting strain on the family.

The initial inquest into the singer's death was inconclusive. Results of toxicology tests have not been released.

Police said it could be several more weeks before his body is released.

That could push the funeral date out to three months after the singer was found dead.