NZ ranks second in best places to move to


New Zealand has come second in a poll of best destinations for English-speaking people seeking a new life in a new country.

Malta edged out New Zealand for top spot in the survey of more than 14,000 expats in the ranking of the best English-speaking countries for those living and working abroad.

The survey by expat network InterNations polled people from 174 nations living in 191 countries and New Zealand ranked in the top spot for working abroad in English-speaking countries.

It found 79 per cent of expats here were happy with their work-life balance possibly because the country had the shortest average working week of 42.2 hours of the English-speaking countries.

The environment also ranked well with 95 per cent giving it the quality of it the thumbs up while the possible distance from their home country was regarded as the biggest disadvantage.

The survey looked at the ease of settling in, and other factors including the financial and political situation and the friendliness of the local population towards foreigners.

Overall, New Zealand ranked as the fifth-best expat destination behind Taiwan, Malta, Ecuador and Mexico.

Top 5 English speaking destinations:

1 Malta

2 New Zealand

3 Australia

4 Canada

5 Singapore

Source: InterNations Expat Inside survey NZN