First photos from Richie McCaw and Gemma Flynn's wedding


On Saturday Former All Black Captain Richie McCaw married Black Stick Gemma Flynn in Wanaka.

Yesterday the official photos were released in the latest issue of Woman's Day. 

The couple wed at the Olive Grove on the edge of Lake Wanaka on Saturday.

The ceremony began around 3pm, with the sun even making an appearance for it on the otherwise cool and blustery day.

"The main thing was that we wanted a very chilled out day," Richie told Woman’s Day. "I think that's just the way we are. Today has been about enjoying the whole road… having friends and family here."

"Marriage is a start of a new chapter," says former Black Stick Gemma, "and, the understanding that, for the rest of your life, someone will always be there, no matter what."