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Donations reach almost $10k for Auckland homeless man Patchy after council cans his coffee cart
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Donations reach almost $10k for Auckland homeless man Patchy after council cans his coffee cart

There's no cheaper coffee in the city, especially not with a bikkie combo.

One determined Kiwi experiencing homelessness is on a mission to launch his very own budget-friendly coffee cart in Auckland.

Jonathan Low, known as Patchy, has garnered nearly $10,000 in donations toward keeping his affordable coffee business up and running. 

With basic supplies like paper cups, insulated flasks for hot water, instant coffee, sugar, and milk, Patchy pours a hot cuppa brew for just $1.50. And for a mere $2 combo, he sweetens the deal with two cookies – a tempting offer!

But just as his on-the-go business is taking off, Stuff reported a setback when Auckland Council informed Patchy that he needed a license to continue selling coffee on the street. 

A slight bump in the road, but it’s not stopping Patchy from succeeding in his mission, in fact, it’s only creating more drive.

Thanks to a Give a Little page created by Katelyn Ware "Patchy plans to invest in a proper coffee trolley with contactless payment options and obtain necessary permits to trade on Queen Street.”

And of course, his cart will be fittingly named ‘Patchy's Coffee’.

In just 8 days the page is well on its way to reaching its $10,000 goal. Over 395 Kiwis have already donated, raising just over $9,300!

It’s epic to see such resiliency from Patchy after ending up homeless with no source of income.

According to the Give a Little page description: "Patchy's life took a drastic turn when his car, his home and source of income, was stolen.”

"Homeless and with nothing but the clothes on his back, he began delivering for Uber Eats on electric scooters and found temporary refuge in a business's bathroom," it continued.

His on-the-go coffee card aims “to provide not only for himself but also for his community”.

Keep pushing forward, Patchy – we look forward to visiting your coffee cart for a hot brew and a biscuit once everything is up and running smoothly.