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'Have a purple mohawk': Kiwi primary students create the cutest video to recruit a principal
In Aotearoa
In Aotearoa

'Have a purple mohawk': Kiwi primary students create the cutest video to recruit a principal

"You're not allowed to ban bullrush."

On the west coast of the South Island, a bunch of Kiwi school kids created an adorable recruitment video. 

Paroa School in Greymouth is on the hunt for a new principal and, to find the best one, the students filmed a video sharing their thoughts on what makes their school great and what the next principal needs to be like.

“You need to like kids,” said one. 

“You’re not allowed to ban bullrush,” added another. “We like tackling.”

As for why Paroa is the best school in the world, one student said it's “cause it’s got a pool”. 

Is that not the most adorable video you have ever seen?! I might apply for the job now and grant their pizza night wishes. Of course, I’ll have to start rocking a three-foot-tall purple mohawk, as per their request. 

The new principal will start in term three, taking charge of the 206 pupils who seem like a cheeky and fun bunch. 

Kelly Lilley, a parent and chair of the school board, told Stuff that life working at the school would be very chill and homely. 

“A lot enjoy moving to the West Coast; people are looking for a slightly different pace of life,” she said. “ “We have the coast, rivers, lakes, mountains, glaciers, ski fields. But we’re also only 2 ½ hours to Christchurch - a wee skip over the pass.“

“Our school whānau is a nice community to be involved in, we have an inclusive culture. The video shows that."

Andrew Sinton-White, the videographer and another board member, said it’s a great time to join the team at Paroa. 

“I feel like I'm giving back in a positive way and contributing to the exciting growth the school is experiencing.”

You can tell the students really do enjoy going to their school - who wouldn't want to join that environment?