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Recycle any of your old and broken gold jewelley for brand new pieces at Michael Hill NZ
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In Aotearoa

Recycle any of your old and broken gold jewelley for brand new pieces at Michael Hill NZ

Have any treasures worth trading?

Kiwis can now swap their old and broken gold jewellery for free and trade it in for something brand spanking new.

Michael Hill is taking a step toward its 2030 sustainability goals with its new gold recycling program. 

Re:cycle, as it’s called, is all about giving your old and worn-out gold jewellery a fresh start.

You can trade in your broken or unused gold pieces, and in return, get their material value.

No need to hit the store in person either. They’ll send you a secure package, you pop your bling in there, and send it off for free.

Their experts will inspect how much 'true gold' is in your item and make you an offer. If it’s not what you’re after, no problem – they promise to send it straight back.

But if you are eager to take them up on the offer, you’ll receive a voucher to splurge on a shiny new piece from the store while they work on your old treasures, giving them a new lease on life.

According to the experts over at Michael Hill, precious metals like gold can be recycled over and over without losing their value or quality. 

Plus, recycling gold means less ore extraction and fewer carbon emissions, so it’s a win-win for the planet.

“Through research, we know that recycling 1g of pure gold can reduce an estimated three tonnes of ore extraction and avoid up to 16kg of carbon emissions,” CEO Daniel Bracken said. “This program, combined with our customers, allows us to contribute towards reducing the need for virgin-mined gold.”

Now, it’s time to rummage through the drawers and dig out all our old treasures.