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NZ's firefighter calendar has returned after 5 years to bare (almost) all for a good cause
In Aotearoa
In Aotearoa

NZ's Firefighter Calendar is back and the frontline workers are flexing for a good cause

These brave guys are fighting more than just fires - they're changing the stigma about men's mental health.

After a half-decade hiatus, the Kiwi firefighter calendar is back, with current and former frontline workers striking poses all for a good cause.

This year, the fiery calendar isn't just about showing off the biggest biceps and six-packs (though there is plenty of that), the featured men are baring all on the real-life struggles of being a front-line worker here in Aotearoa.

It turns out, even the toughest among us aren't immune to life's curveballs. 

From traumatic incidents, stress and personal life challenges, these brave guys are laying it all out to raise awareness of men’s mental health and well-being for Movember.

The men’s mental health and wellbeing organisation is turning 20 this year, so what better way to get people talking and raise money for an important cause?

Bevin James, Calendar production manager and ‘Mr May’ says: “A common perception is that firefighters are almost hero-like with no weaknesses and no fear. However, the reality is firefighters are vulnerable to trauma, anxiety and stress just like everybody else.”

“As a former professional career firefighter with over 10 years of service, I understand the toll working on the front line can have on first responders.”

IMAGE: Bevin James via Kiwi Firefighters NZ

In a country where men tend to die 4.5 years sooner than women, Movember's out here trying to change the script.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 suicides in NZ are committed by men? That's a grim stat that needs to see change.

Plus, prostate cancer is running rampant with more than 13,500 men living with or beyond prostate cancer in Aotearoa.

Thankfully, Movember is out here doing its best to tackle these issues head-on.

Robert Dunne, the head honcho of Movember in New Zealand, reveals: “A key part of mental wellbeing and suicide prevention is being physically active.”

“This project is one where Movember and the team behind the Kiwi Firefighters Calendar have shared values on the importance of physical activity as a mental health tool, and acknowledge that for at-risk groups like first responders, we must have targeted programmes,” he adds.

The Kiwi Firefighters Calendar is available now at kiwifirefighterscalendar.co.nz with all proceeds heading straight to Movember.

Need help, or just wanna talk to someone?
Lifeline – 0800 543 354 (0800 LIFELINE) or free text 4357 (HELP).
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