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Kiwis share their 'unsent letters' to to kind strangers they never got a chance to thank
In Aotearoa
In Aotearoa

Kiwis share their 'unsent letters' to to kind strangers they never got a chance to thank

This is adorable!

One New Zealand Reddit thread is bringing tears to our eyes. In it, Kiwis are posting their ‘unsent letters’ expressing their gratitude for acts of kindness that went unnoticed but left a lasting impact.

One Reddit user reminisced about their time at Waterlea Primary School over two decades ago. During lonely lunchtimes and afternoons, this nameless hero would sweep in like a guardian angel, initiating games and making the Reddit user feel "seen and included."

Although their name remained a mystery, their kindness was unforgettable.

In another touching letter, a young mum recalled an unexpected interaction at a Dunedin food court. The stranger, a woman in her 50s, had been watching The Reddit commenter and her baby for an hour. 

While she initially feared judgment, the young mum was met with an unexpected twist. The stranger approached, showering her with praise and complimenting her parenting skills.

The third story involves an act of generosity from three young girls in Queenstown. The incredibly kind kids shared their extra tickets for the Queenstown Luge with a stranger because they only had two and didn’t want to leave their sister out.

These unsent letters on Reddit remind us that kindness knows no bounds, for anyone at any age. Each story shows the power of paying it forward.

So, what's your unsent letter or message to another fellow Kiwi? It's never too late to spread a little more kindness and gratitude and we want to hear from you!