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Jetstar's having a sale where NZ flights are $35 and overseas are not much more
In Aotearoa
In Aotearoa

Jetstar's having a sale where NZ flights are $35 and overseas are not much more

Rarotonga for just $160!

Jetstar is running a spring-themed sale with domestic flights from $35 and international flights from $155. 

The sale goes live tomorrow (Friday 1st of September) unless you’re a Jetstar member, in which case the discounted tickets are already available. It wraps up for everyone at 11:59 p.m. on the 5th of September. 

The departure dates vary but range from late October 2023 - mid-March 2024 for domestic and late October 2023 - mid-June 2024 for international. 

You’ll have to choose the location wisely as there are over 25,000 flights to ten different locations. 

Domestic Sale Fares:

  • Auckland to Wellington from $35^ 
  • Auckland to Christchurch from $37^ 
  • Christchurch to Wellington from $39^ 
  • Christchurch to Queenstown from $41^ 
  • Auckland to Dunedin from $49^ 
  • Wellington to Queenstown from $53^ 

International Sale Fares:

  • Auckland to Brisbane from $155^ 
  • Auckland to Gold Coast from $155^ 
  • Auckland to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $155^ 
  • Wellington to Gold Coast from $155^ 
  • Auckland to Sydney from $159^ 
  • Christchurch to Melbourne from $159^ 
  • Auckland to Rarotonga from $160^ 
  • Christchurch to Gold Coast from $179^ 
  • Queenstown to Gold Coast from $179^ 
  • Queenstown to Melbourne from $179^ 
  • Queenstown to Sydney from $199^ 


As we’re currently in the doldrums of the year, just the mere thought of travelling and switching up the routine is enticing.

If you; 're gonna head down south, why not check out a world best vineyard?!

The South Island’s Rippon vineyard ranked 11th in the world's best vineyards list - a New Zealand gem leaving its mark on the global wine scene.

The judges couldn't get enough of Rippon, describing it as the “perfect location for an evening of music and merrymaking beneath the southern stars”.

It only just missed making the top 10 mark among many other renowned wine destinations in countries like Argentina, Spain, South Africa, France and Chile. 

Doesn't that sound great!?