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‘You’re on air!’: Matty McLean’s swearing slip-up news blooper sends him panicking live on air
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‘You’re on air!’: Matty McLean’s swearing slip-up news blooper sends him panicking live on air

He ended up having a laugh at himself which is always good!

It can't be easy having a job where there are hundreds of thousands of eyeballs on you at once: One slip-up and everyone will notice. 

Unfortunately for Kiwi news presenter Matty McLean, that's exactly what happened on a recent live broadcast. 

The scene opens on TV1’s ‘Breakfast’ with Matty standing up, back to the camera, fiddling around with his microphone pack before saying: “Ah f*ck, my thing’s fallen out.” That queues someone in the background to scream at Matty that he is on live television being broadcasted across the nation. That whips him into news presenter shape. 

Look at the undeniable, pure fear in his eyes as he reads the news, quality stuff. Also, a great concise little apology he managed to slide in there: “I’m so sorry, I seem to have lost my communications.”

Matty himself laughed at the whole situation, sharing the swearing slip-up on social media. 

“Well, f*ck!,” he wrote in an Instagram post sharing a clip of the blooper. “Wee slip up on Breakfast this morning from yours truly. First time for everything I guess!”

Heaps of fellow news presenters that grace New Zealand’s screens came to voice their support for Matty and their gratitude that he shared the video. 

“Love this Matty,” wrote Newshub’s Samantha Hayes. “Especially the transition straight into news mode. Just brilliant.”

“Nobody noticed mate, you’re all good,” said Matty’s ‘Breakfast’ co-worker Chris Chang. 

“Can’t have your thing falling out on live TV,” added Kiwi TV personality Matt Gibb. 

Poor Matty! Good on him for having a laugh at himself and getting straight into professional mode once he realised his mistake.