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Lewis Capaldi receives unnerving statue of him from his old school but is a good sport about it
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The Good Stuff

Lewis Capaldi receives unnerving statue of him from his old school but is a good sport about it

The statue actually has a great story behind it!

Lewis Capaldi's was a fantastic sport after receiving an unflattering statue of himself made by students from his old school... but the unaesthetic nature of the statue was intentional!

Capaldi visited St Kentigern’s Academy in Blackburn, West Lothian and was gifted the bronze statue to celebrate the release of his second album, ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’. 

The horrific look of the sculpture is deliberate, with the school’s Principal Art Teacher saying they were inspired by a famous prank once pulled by James Corden. 

“The art department got involved with the concept after speaking to Lewis’ team and we decided to follow James Corden’s concept when he made the statue of David Beckham a few years ago,” Bryan Johnston told the Daily Record.

“The statue for Beckham didn’t really look like David Beckham, so we did something similar to that, but wanted to link it to Lewis’ new album which has now been released.”

“The art department at the school came up with the concept, and it went from there – we sourced a mannequin from a guy in Glasgow, took it back to school and built around it. The biggest challenge we faced was getting the face to look not quite right and a bit unusual and it went from there.”

Johnston added that the students that helped out in crafting the project managed to keep it secret for half a year, which is an impressive feat. 

“They were very committed,” he said. “But the big thing obviously was keeping it hush, hush. Only those seven kids in the full school knew and a few other members of staff.”

“So for them to keep it quiet for that long was pretty incredible. They're a trustworthy bunch."

Well, they absolutely nailed it in my opinion. What a fun idea perfectly executed!