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NZ business delivers kiwi-made hot cross buns with a 'cult-following' anywhere in the country
Tastes Good
Tastes Good

NZ business delivers kiwi-made hot cross buns with a 'cult-following' anywhere in the country

Deliveries even come with locally-made butter and jam!

An NZ company is delivering some of the best kiwi-made Easter treats all around the country. 

Angel Delivery offers New Zealanders the chance to send hot cross buns, made by AroBake, anywhere they want in the country. They do everything they can to ensure that the buns arrive fresh as possible. They even include Lewis Road Creamery Butter and Bonne Maman jam, which complicates the delivery process (as they must come chilled) but Angel still get it done!

Angel Delivery's hot cross bun care package Credit: Angel Delivery

AroBake, an iconic, award-winning Wellington bakery located on the just as iconic Aro Street, custom makes the buns for Angel Delivery. 

“There are lots of amazing hot cross bun bakers out there but we always have ours made for us by Arobake,” says Grace Kreft, General Manager at Angel Delivery. “Full of natural spices and handmade with love they’re delicious, big and people just love them -  and love receiving them freshly baked, right on the doorstep.”

Offering next-day delivery on big gift baskets full of easter meals and snacks, Grace says they decided to add hot cross buns to the mix due to the high number of customers who want to treat loved ones they can’t be around.

“We’ve seen more and more people, especially over recent years, looking for a way to express caring at Easter when they can’t be with someone in person,” she says.

“We developed this option which includes Lewis Road Creamery butter and Bonne Maman jam, along with a ‘restful’ tea tin, to make for the perfect Easter afternoon tea experience that people can gift”.

They offer items such as lasagne, chicken pie, macaroni and cheese, quiche, chocolate tart, ciabatta bread, chocolate-dipped marshmallows, fresh apple juice, and more in their Easter care package (and you can add a personalised note!). If all that showed up on my doorstep one day I would be one happy chappy!

Since being founded in 2008, they’ve delivered meals to over half a million Kiwis, so they have to be doing something right.