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Australian mum shares easy hack to keep your vegetables crisp and fresh for months
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The Good Stuff

Australian mum shares easy hack to keep your vegetables crisp and fresh for months

Can't believe I never thought of this!

A mother from Australia has shared a hack that keeps your veges fresh that is so simple and easy that I can't believe I hadn’t thought of it.

Cassie posted to Facebook sharing that all you need to make your greens go the extra mile is some tin foil!

She showed off a lettuce that looks brand new in the post, but she reveals it’s months old.

“I have this lettuce with a use-by tag on it from January that is still crispy and edible to this day,” she wrote, also revealing she wraps carrots and celery in foil. 

“I’m the only one who eats it and I don’t use a lot at time,” she said of the lettuce. “Wraps or taco bowls etc for lunch.” 

Cassie added that once the lettuce is wrapped in the foil she puts it in the bag it came in before storing it in the fridge. It should be noted that this isn't the most eco-friendly hack, as tin foil cannot be recycled once it touches your food, so keep that in mind!

The Daily Mail say that “the reason why tin foil works so well at keeping food fresher for longer is because the foil protects the food from airborne bacteria and fungi spores, and it helps to retain moisture so the food doesn't dry out as quickly. It also works well with food in the freezer as it's more airtight around the food.”

Comments on Cassie’s Facebook post were appreciative for the new kitchen knowledge and were also quick to share their own tips. 

“Wow if this actually works that's amazing! I hate lettuce going soggy,” said one person. “I will try it out if I remember.”

“I do this too,” another wrote. “It works perfectly. I also do it with shallots and herbs”.

“'I heard if you cut it with a plastic knife instead of metal it will go brown slower so I've been doing that,” one more added. “Never would have thought to wrap it in foil.”