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Kiwis share 'life-changing' hacks to make the perfect roast potatoes
Tastes Good
Tastes Good

Kiwis share 'life-changing' hacks to make the perfect roast potatoes

"It took me years of fails before I realised it was the variety more than the roasting"

If you're wondering how to make the best roast potatoes ever, then here are some game-changing tips and methods that you can try out!

Posting to Reddit, a user asked Kiwis how to make the perfect roast potatoes, be it tips, techniques, or recipes.

"Hi All

I'm always keen to perfect/learn new roast potatoes ideas/tips.

I'm cooking a large batch tomorrow night so lay it on me NZ what are your best roast potatoes ideas/tips / techniques and recipes?" the user wrote. 

Here are the top six tips and recipes from Kiwis on 'How to get the Perfect Roast Potatoes':

1. The best potatoes to roast are agria

One user replied, "It took me years of fails before I realised it was the variety more than the roasting. Go with agria if you can find them, avoid moonlight, Nadine, or any ‘new/waxy’ potato."

2. The roast potato recipe that got the most votes 

Being the most-voted reply, it looks like many support their way of making roast potatoes.

This is how they do it:

 "Peel, cut and place Agria Potatoes in a pot of salted water (quite salty - at least a couple of tablespoons) and bring them up to a boil. Par boil for 5 minutes then drain into a colander before returning to the pot.

Smash them around in the pot a little (until you get cracks and ‘fluffy’ bits).

Pour on oil or duck fat and transfer the potatoes to a roasting tray.

Roast at 210 degrees until golden brown"

In a reply to this comment, a user claimed that boiling the potatoes in stock rather than water takes it to 'the next level'.

3. Using Onion Powder 

"Salt a large pot of water. Quarter spuds. Boil for 10 mins. Drain. Add potatoes back into the pot. Add oil, a handful of flour, salt to season, and onion powder. Mix. Roast at 220 uncovered in a roasting dish. Turn every 15 mins. Add salt every second turn. Cook 1hr+ you'll be away

Also if you are doing 2x trays, alternate the top and bottom shelf every time you turn."

4. Toss it in a colander to fluff up the skins

This is for someone who likes their roast potatoes a little crispier on the outside.

"I just parboil the spuds, drain, then toss in a colander to fluff up the skins with a bit of salt in for a crunchy outer, and roast until golden (actually a little bit beyond, as I like them slightly darker and almost crunchy on the outside)"

5. Using the same tray that roasted whatever meat you used

"Put them on the same tray as whatever you’re roasting (chook/lamb/beef) and use the animal fat halfway through to baste them. Salt at the same time, and at the end if they’re not crispy enough on the outside for your liking, take the meat out, and rest, and then turn the oven to fan bake 200 for about 5 minutes. They’ll be gorgeous."

6. Using Duck Fat

"Boil agria potatoes, shake them to rough them up, and roast in duck fat in the oven. Reuse the duck fat until it's no longer reasonable."

Replying to this great tip, a user wrote, "This. Duck fat is my cooking superpower. It also makes the world's best pork crackling."