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Missing that spark? Why a holiday can help you fall back in love with your partner

A new survey has found 42% of adults fell back in love after a holiday together
9 January 2023 4:22PM

Whether you’re going on a romantic beach getaway or an adventurous mountain retreat, taking a holiday with your other half can help you fall back in love again.

A survey of 2,000 adults, conducted by OnePoll for American brand BeachBound, looked at the magic a vacation has on a person's relationships. More than three out of four respondents said holidays were great in keeping that spark alive in their relationship.

Roughly three-quarters of those surveyed agreed that travelling is always more fun with a plus one – so much so that the same percentage would postpone their vacation if their loved ones weren’t able to make it.

The survey found that three in four said just spending time on vacation with their loved ones makes them feel refreshed (76%), and 79% said travelling with someone is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond.

64% of people said they’ve learned the most about some of their loved ones while on vacation, including their family members (50%), partner (42%) or friends (37%).

Most holidayers will “always” or “often” try to eat every meal together when traveling with others (81%) to keep the bond alive, along with sightseeing (45%) or relaxing (41%) together. More than half also considered themselves to be more adventurous with others than when they're by themselves.

The personal benefits of a holiday away were noticeable too, with seven in 10 people sharing that they feel more in touch with themselves when returning from a trip than before, and a third have even had an epiphany about some aspect of their life when on vacation (33%).

So if you're questioning planning out that next holiday with your better half - just remember the science that all benefits point to yes!