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Kiwis from around the country can shop at Costco thanks to 'Aunty Jo'
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In Aotearoa

Kiwis from around the country can shop at Costco thanks to 'Aunty Jo'

If you're not from Auckland and have been wanting to purchase something from the famous Costco then Aunty Jo could be your go-to person!
6 December 2022 4:38PM

New Zealand welcomed its first Costco store in Auckland in September.

Seeing many shoppers rave about Costco products online,  many around the country have been intrigued to shop there. 

Unfortunately, there's only one Costco store in the country that's located in Auckland, and with no accessibility to online shopping, people who live outside Auckland will have to travel quite a while or take a flight to purchase from the store.

To fix this problem and to connect Costco to other keen shoppers around the country, Jo Castasus from Auckland has set up her very own self-service called "Aunty Jo" where she charges $20 to go shop for you. 

This service has been designed for any shoppers who live far or even near and are unable to visit the store themselves.

Shoppers from around the country who ordered from Aunty Jo shared positive reviews about their service.

"My order turned up this morning! Was so exciting to get. Thanks to Aunty Jo’s to enable Costco to come to those outside of Auckland!!! Was a super easy process. Give this a go - it actually saves you money by not going to the store yourself!!!!" one shopper wrote.

"Thankyou Aunty Jo’s you are the best! I'm so truly grateful for you and your service. Best ever, love my cupcakes and squishmallows are 2 kids presents so I'm absolutely over the moon. Thankyou so much will definitely order again, your service is amazing!" another wrote.

"Thankyou again Aunty Jo’s, their service is second to none, highly recommend them for doing your Costco shopping. The whole process of ordering your Costco goodies is so easy. Love what they do" a third wrote. 

“Aunty Jo’s role is to shop and ship the products from Costco to those who are away from Auckland,” Aunty Jo told 1news.

“We are here to bridge the gap.”

She even shared that she recently helped someone who lived nearby but couldn't physically make it into the store. 

"We had one order; she lives five minutes away from Costco - she had surgery, she’s on crutches, so we were able to shop for her and deliver it to her place."

“We want those people who are not able to get here to have the same feeling of excitement,” Jo said.

She has completed her 252 orders since she opened her business last month.