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We discover what is the secret to the perfect mashed potato
Tastes Good
Tastes Good

We discover what is the secret to the perfect mashed potato

What's the secret to really good mashed potatoes?
12 November 2022 1:48PM

Every household may have a different way of doing their mashed potato and thanks to OJ from our Breeze Timaru team we've discovered many of our listeners' secrets to their perfect mash!

"What's the secret to really good mashed potatoes?" OJ asked Breeze listeners on his Facebook page. 

Although there were some outrageous suggestions,  we've gathered the best ten out of the thousands that you can try!

Here's the top ten list of what you have suggested to us as the best secret to mashed potatoes (not in any order):

1. Listener Abbie says butter, cream, and Dutch cream potatoes.

2. Listener Jill says "lots of kiwi butter, a strong arm to mash, mash, mash - add a ‘bit’ of kiwi cream helps too - yummo",

3. Horseradish cream -  "not too much but enough to make it flavourful" as suggested by listener Maree.

4.  Listener Tiffany recommends draining and mashing until there are no lumps. Next you "add a dollop of butter, a spoon of best food Mayonnaise, salt and pepper, a bit of milk and some very fine chopped onion." She suggests whipping it with a fork." 

5.  Listener Joanne says when boiling the potatoes, boil them along with two cloves of garlic. Next, mash them up with butter and cream. Lastly, salt and pepper per taste. 

6. "Agri potatoes, cream, mustard seeds and nutmeg"

7. "Sour cream .. sometimes cream cheese.. butter and really good yellow potatoes" says Listener Sharon. Another listener agreed that golden potatoes are excellent for mashing!

8. Listener Stewart suggests not cutting the potatoes small before boiling them. "Don't cut the potatoes small before they are boiled/steamed or they absorb too much water. Mash with butter, cream, philadelphia cheese, salt, pepper and nutmeg."

9. Listener Nick suggests not to add butter and milk before the potatoes are smashed well. This helps it get a creamy consistency!

10. "A little bit of butter, milk and nutmeg! "Listener Andrea wrote. 

So here you go, next time you're making some mashed potatoes, here are ten different ways to try out!

The best part is any of these is guaranteed to be yummy!