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This sustainable Kiwi sparkling wine in a can is here to transform the summer picnic game
In Aotearoa
In Aotearoa

Sustainable Kiwi wine in a can is here to be a staple of your chilly bin this summer

This will be so good for a cheeky wine at the beach this summer!
18 November 2022 2:58PM

Gone are the days of lugging clunky bottles of wine to the beach, the park, or even just the back deck  - canned wine is a thing now, and it's much classier than you might think. 

The Uncommon Wine of New Zealand is the newest NZ wine to join the 'can scene', and it's helmed by two Kiwi gals who have made it super sustainable and better for the planet. 

At just under $30 for a 4-pack, it's not the cheapest option on the market, but you're getting a lot of convenience for your cash - there's no chance of a broken bottle, it chills in under 10 minutes and the cans are lightweight and easy to stack in a supermarket trolley or car boot. 

Kiwi entrepreneur Hannah Sweeney and business partner Anna Campbell launched The Uncommon Wine of New Zealand after seeing the success of The Uncommon Wine of England's canned sparkling wine range, which has been popular since 2017. Hannah helped launch the brand in the UK, and has now brought the ethos home to our shores. 

The Uncommon's Kiwi iteration has launched just in time for summer, with two sparkling wines from Malborough - a dry Pinot Noir Rosé and a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. They both use locally grown grapes and support NZ farmers, growers and suppliers. 

Plus, the aluminium cans are endlessly recyclable, and the fact that there's no chance of broken glass means there's no need for extra protective packaging, so they're limiting waste. 

"It’s not about replacing the bottle," Hannah says of The Uncommon's cans,  "but rather adding a convenient, portable, break-proof, and sustainable choice to Kiwis’ wine repertoire.”

The gorgeous packaging also means these cans will make great gifts (for yourself and others, of course). 

Each wine varietal has it's own 'identity', known affectionately as 'Twiggy ' and 'Leonard'. The illustrated artworks on their respective cans feature Aotearoa's landscapes, flora and fauna and are inspired by Kiwi greats Jean Batten and Charles Heaphy. 

We're thinking these are going to be a chilly bin and beach bag staple this summer  - in moderation, of course!