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Kiwi mum's Christmas advent calendar goes viral and all you need is this $6 letterbox
In Aotearoa
In Aotearoa

Kiwi mum's Christmas advent calendar goes viral and all you need is this $6 letterbox

Clever Kiwis are getting creative with their daily surprises

Christmas festivities begin this week (if you haven’t already gotten into the holiday spirit) and with that comes the joy of waking up to a little surprise each day of December.

Thanks to one clever Kiwi it’s out with the old classic choccy treat and time to add some special originality to the advent calendar tradition.

Posted to the Kmart & The Warehouse Hacks & Decor Facebook page, one creative user shared their creative hack of using a decorative tin letter box from The Warehouse as a one-stop shop advent calendar that can be used for years worth of festive fun.

In the post, Danie writes: “I have decided to use this wee letterbox in place of advent calendars for the rest of the kids' lives. I wasn’t willing to spend $4.50 on bad-tasting advent calendars again lol  Each day I’ll pop something in along with the days remaining until Christmas, maybe a joke too etc.”

While it obviously can be used as a mailbox for the little ones to post their letters to Santa, the hacks group found that it made a brilliant Advent Calendar. Each December morning, kids can get up and see what’s been ‘delivered’. It could be a note, a coin, a small packet of lollies, or a mini piece of LEGO. Whatever ideas parents can come up with – big or small.

Of course, with the cost of living being crazy high right now this idea is great because it can be done to your budget.

Feel free to switch it up with some of the budget-friendly ideas from other hack experts on the FB page.

One fan of the idea wrote: “My son uses this letter box to write his letters to Santa each night during the lead up to Christmas - Elf delivers it to Santa. Then he gets a reply the next day with a treat from Santa. Our son is autistic and I use this to help him practice his handwriting skills.”

“We have one of these, and this year decided to do a big Lego set given out in small steps each day (so that by the end of the month they will have built the whole set), but I really didn't want 24 little bags of Lego laying around,” wrote another genius.

A third shared their thoughtful use of the letterbox: “I used this last year and put in a card with something I loved about them each day and a small gift. I have kept all the cards and put them on a split ring to keep.”

What a brilliant idea to start your own personal family tradition.