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Heinz is reviving the iconic Baked Beans pizza
Tastes Good
Tastes Good

Heinz is reviving the iconic Baked Beans pizza

How will it hold up against the Kiwi classic spaghetti pizza?
2 November 2022 2:45PM

Heinz has announced that they are bringing back the ‘Beanz Pizza’, a family favourite in the 1990s. 

“You asked and we have delivered,” they tweeted. “The classic 90’s BEANZ PIZZA  IS BACK… who’s excited?”

Depending on who you ask, baked beans on a pizza is either a testament to the ingenuity of humans or a meal cooked by the devil himself. So to answer their question half the people will be excited and the other half will probably lose any faith they had left in humanity and the culinary field. 

Tbh, I’m kind of a fan. The crispiness of a pizza base combined with the texture of the good ol’ baked beans sounds absolutely spectacular, especially for those days when I can not be bothered cooking up a meal that’s actually good for the kids!

Unfortunately, the Beanz Pizza will only be available in England, from November 14th for a limited time. 

The announcement has polarised Twitter users, with some strong words being used by both sides. 

One Twitter user wrote “In your kitchen is a receptacle called a bin. The pizza belongs in it.”

Another account called ‘Pasta Evangelists UK said “we are horrified".

On the other side, some people were absolutely chuffed. 


“THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!” said another. 

See what I mean about how extreme of an opinion you can get about Beanz from person to person. I guess at the dinner table you should never talk about religion, sex, politics, or baked beans. 

Heinz caused another great divide in internet opinion earlier this year when they announced they were releasing hash browns filled with baked beans.