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The Good Stuff

You can now translate your cat's meows into English

"This app helps me interact with my kitten better!"

If you always wanted to know what your cat has been actually saying then this app may help you out.

MeowTalk, is a translator app that helps translate a cat's meow and translate them into human languages. 

With over 17 million downloads, 250 million meows recorded and 8+ million cat profiles created, the app is clearly loved by users all over the world. 

There's also a function that detects cat noises and automatically sends owners the translation on their phones.

According to the company, their main aim is to 'help strengthen the bond between cats and their humans by giving them a voice'.

MeowTalk researchers reported that in 2022 the app had about 90% accuracy overall for distinguishing among nine intents.

It currently has 4.6/5 stars on the App store and many have 'highly' recommended the app.

"‘Great app: Only used for a few hours but the results seem accurate. It translated the cat being chilled and wanting strokes…but then translated when she’d had enough," one user wrote.

"Amazing app: My cat fell off the bookshelf when trying to climb up. My cat said ouch something hurt me, this is an amazing app and I totally recommend it to any cat owner" another wrote. 

"I love the app: This app helps me interact with my kitten better" a third wrote.

Well looking at the reviews it seems like it is worth giving it a go! 

The app is available on both Google Play and App Store.