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Woman holds on to a 'friendly' smiling potato for five years

The spud has defined eyes, mouth and even nostrils!

When you walk along the beach and you spot a rare stone or shell, you might hold on to it.

During autumn when a beautiful leaf falls onto you, you might want to keep it between the pages of one of your favourite books. 

But what about when you see a vegetable that looks friendly and is smiling? Would you keep it?

One woman has kept a very friendly looking potato in her freezer for five years as it looks like it is smiling at her.

Back in 2017, when she was making hash browns, she refused to chop this one particular spud because she thought the it was "so friendly looking" that she had to keep it. Ever since that day, she's kept the potato in the freezer.

"I found him five years ago in a bag of potatoes from the supermarket. I was pulling them out to make hash browns for breakfast and spotted his little face smiling back at me" she said.

The potato does have defined eyes, a smiling mouth as well as nostrils!

Lori and her husband Michael have also given the potato a name - Pete.

"I named him Pete because I thought he just looked like a Pete."

Woman holds on to a 'friendly' smiling potato for five years

"It might have been a couple of glasses of wine later on that evening that inspired me to do the photoshoot. I just thought 'we've got to take some pictures of him' and I wanted to make them exciting. I had a childhood dollhouse with some cute furniture " she aded.

Lori said she won't be throwing away Pete any time soon, as she wants to keep it for another five years so that she can do another photoshoot that will mark a decade since she found it.

"I wanted to check on him and he's doing great, he's still smiling and is still happy" she said.

"I took more pictures and then put him back in the freezer, I'll get him out in five years' time to mark a decade of him being with us" she added.

After recieving a large amount of love after sharing on her social media, she said "I didn't realise how happy he was going to make people. I think everybody needs something silly right now and I think it hit the spot with everyone. People were saying it had made their day and that made me happy."