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People are obsessed with the new butter board
Tastes Good
Tastes Good

People are obsessed with the new butter board

Is viral butter board the new cheese board?
23 September 2022 2:59PM

Butter board? Yes, butter board is currently on trend with many people trying it out along with giving it a big thumbs up and calling it a 'genius food trend'.

The butter board is basically your cheese board except the board is smothered with butter with all your favourite toppings and seasonings. And it is highly recommended to to eat with a warm piece of bread. 

User @justine_snacks is the one who set up this new food trend on the internet.

"I want to make it the next charcuterie board" Justine says on her Tiktok. 

"It's all about - if you're serving a group of people, like spread a bunch of soft butter on a plate, add tons of flaky salt, tons of lemon zests, any herbs or toppings you like" she said. 

"Serve with warm bread and it just feels like really communal. I love it".

People have loved it and have created their own versions of the butter board based on their preferences. 

User @foodmymuse shared her butter board and thanked Justine for this 'evil genius' creation.

"All I will say is @Justine Doiron you are an evil genius and my butter loving heart thanks you" she wrote on her caption.

She added chilli oil, lemon salt, honey, flaky salt and chives on her butter. 

She even gives a handy tip to avoid getting it messy. She suggested using something like baking paper below the butter because you know washing off butter is a chore in itself.