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Chef reveals the secret recipe of Queen Elizabeth's favourite scrambled eggs
Tastes Good
Tastes Good

Chef reveals the secret recipe of Queen Elizabeth's favourite scrambled eggs

We will have to try this!
21 September 2022 11:02AM

Lee Holmes,  an Aussie chef has delighted royal fans after sharing the secret recipe of Queen Elizabeth's favourite scrambled eggs.  

A close friend of the chef cooked for Her Majesty as a royal chef at Kensington Palace and that is how she got this recipe. 

The Queen " loved to sometimes start the day with a protein-packed breakfast and these eggs were tailored to the way that she particularly liked them,” Lee wrote on her Supercharged blog. 

According to the former royal chef, Lee said that the Queen enjoyed her eggs in a specific way.

“The eggs need to be brown not white, as Her Majesty preferred the taste,” she wrote.

“And they were always cooked low and slow to make them super creamy and not clumpy.”

Although the recipe includes two unusual ingredients (nutmeg and lemon zest), Lee said that "they seem to elevate the dish".

"Ever since I was given this recipe a few years ago, I’ve been making these eggs on the regular and they are spectacular! I always make them when friends come to stay" Lee wrote. 

Here's the recipe for Her Majesty's favourite scrambled eggs:

Serves 2


3 ogranic (brown) eggs

1 tablespoon milk

Sea salt, to taste

1 tablespoon butter or you can you extra-virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest

Pinch ground nutmeg

Freshly cracked black peper, to taste

Snipped chives and kippers to serve (optional)


1. Whisk the eggs and milk in a bowl until well combined. Add salt to taste.

2. Heat the butter or olive oil in a small frying pan over low–medium heat. Add the eggs and turn the heat down to low, moving them around the pan slowly with a spatula so they don’t stick to the bottom.

3. Just before they are starting to set, add the lemon zest, nutmeg and extra salt, if desired and stir.

4. Serve immediately, garnished with pepper and chives, if using.