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KitKat and Milo collaborate to release Milo-flavoured KitKat

Ummm yes please!

In news that will be affecting your snack time - chocolate giants KitKat are combining with the breakfast drink of champions, Milo, to bring a brand new chocolate bar to the shelves. 

The new flavour will come in three different styles - a nice big 165g block of the stuff, and two 45g smaller bars - one normal and one chunky.  

KitKat’s website makes the combination sound pretty darn tasty, saying:

Milo has been a bit of a staple in most of our morning rituals, so combining it with chocolate and making it a snack will be a whole new experience, but one we will undoubtedly welcome with open arms. 

KitKat and Milo collaborate to release Milo-flavoured KitKat

The head of marketing at Nestle (who produce both KitKat and Milo), Joyce Tan, told BestRecipes she is looking forward to people trying the new chocolate, especially because of the affection fans of both products have. 

“We know KitKat lovers are passionate about how they eat their KitKat and similarly, Milo fans have unique ways of enjoying their hot or cold Milo. So now, we can’t wait to see how Aussie enjoy their KitKat packed with Milo!”

Unfortunately, as Joyce hinted at, the new flavour is only available for Aussies at the moment, but with Milo being so well known here in NZ, we’re sure it’s just a matter of time until it hits our shores. 

Until then we'll have to imagine the taste, and be a bit jealous of our friends across the Tasman.