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A secret ingredient to make your pancake fluffier

This weekend's pancakes are going to be the fluffiest!
16 September 2022 5:43PM

If you've always wanted to nail the fluffy pancakes, then we have the key ingredient that's been missing in your pancake mixture.

Experts at Radnor Hills Infusions revealed that the secret ingredient needed to make fluffy pancakes is sparkling water. 

Yes, a dash or two of sparkling water is all you need to make fluffy pancakes. 

Chris Sanders, hydration expert at Radnor Hills Infusions explained," As sparkling water is carbonated, it naturally aerates the batter."

He added, "Sparkling water retains fizz for much longer, so when this gets in contact with heat it will form small bubbles in the heat-setting mixture to create fluffy pancakes."

Using flavoured sparkling water seems to give the pancakes an extra flavour. 

Another great tip is to use cold water as there are more bubbles in cold seltzer than room temperature.

Happy fluffy pancake making!