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Take It Green

Company creates building blocks from non-recyclable plastic

Such a great way to upcycle non-recyclable plastic!

Los Angeles based startup 'ByFusion' has created building blocks from approximately 93,440 kilograms of non-recyclable plastic. 

ByFusion’s machines are called ‘Blockers’ and they shred the plastic, apply force and pressure repeatedly until the plastic is squished together. These blockers do not discriminate so they easily turn every plastic including fish nets into blocks. The only thing they can’t tackle is polystyrene or styrofoam. 

People are trying to develop or find a method to separate the polymers from the materials so it gets recycled. But ByFusion has rather skipped the separation problem to convert waste into a new composite and durable construction block. 

These ByBlocks are 16x8x8 shape and can be used to build bus stops, fences, retaining walls, and more. 

Glue or any extra substance is not used in the process of creating these blocks. If 100 kilograms go in, a 100 kilograms block comes out. 

The company can process 403,233 kilograms of plastics into blocks in a year. They hope to install 12 more Blockers soon. 

It's amazing to see non-recyclable plastic get upcycled!