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Take It Green

Artist repurposes plastic bread tags to create beautiful art

So good!

Australian visual artist and teacher Shani Nottingham creates artwork by using plastic bread tags. The artist noticed the number of bread tags that her family was throwing out, so she decided to use them in her work instead. She wants to help create awareness of the environment and the importance of recycling through her work. 

In an interview with The Morning Show she narrated her journey of how she started off with collecting bread tags in jars. 

Shani said, “I’m an artist and I love colour, I started looking at these colours and thinking ‘these are actually quite pretty, could I do something creative with those?’" 

So after researching and going down a rabbit hole, she learned that these plastic tags are very hard to recycle and are just bad for the environment.

Looks like it's time to start collecting bread tags in a jar and do some cool arts and crafts.

Here are some of Shani's amazing work: