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A hack to keep avocados fresh for an entire month


A mum from the United States has shared a way to keep the avos fresh longer than we ever imagined - an entire month!

Amy Lynn Cross, 45 eats at least two avocados a week. She got tired of buying avocados that were still pale green and rock hard and tried to find a way to make them last at perfect ripeness. So, to avoid going to the shops every few days, the mum discovered this trick.

All you need is a knife, a mason jar, a lemon, and of course the avocados. 

So first, after cutting half of what you want to eat, place the second half that you want to store in a mason jar without removing the skin or the seed. Amy claims that the skin and seed give the avocados another week of ripeness. 

She has an optional step to wash the avocados before storing them in. Amy advises using one-fourth cup of vinegar and 10 cups of water in a large bowl and letting them sit in for two minutes. After that, she rinses them and places them on a paper towel until dry before storing them in the fridge.

Close the lid firmly on top and put it in the fridge next to a lemon. 

Amy found that it lasted much longer with some of her avocados remaining green and fresh up to 30 days. 

She said, "Lemons and avocados are fridge buddies, as I like to say, and help keep each other fresh,".

"We were going to the store every couple of days and just picking up more all of the time.

"A couple of years ago I really decided we needed to get control of our budget – and through trial-and-error, came up with the jar and lemon hack.

“[Now], my avocados last a month.”

And in bonus, Amy's shared a tip to buy avocados.

She said, "Pinch your thumb and pointer finger together and that just soft little give is what it should feel like.”

Wow! We do learn something new every day.