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Your old Care Bear could be worth over ten thousand dollars
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The Good Stuff

Your old Care Bear could be worth over ten thousand dollars

Did you ever have a Care Bear? It could make you some big bucks!

Check the toy cupboard or the storage area in the garage!

The bears were the ultimate collectable in the '80's, with their rainbow colours and soft and cuddly designed tummies, and if you've managed to hang on to your Care Bears collection all these years later then you may be sitting on a small goldmine.

With vintage Care Bears now considered a classic, serious toy collectors are now paying huge dollars for cult 80s teddies. 

In fact some collections have sold for more than $10,000 - with other single Care Bears fetching hundreds and hundreds of dollars. 

And websites such as Doopydoo’s and Care Bear Collectors has even been set up to manage and sell people’s collections.

One of the most valuable Care Bear is the super rare Nobleheart Horse Care Bears Cousin - a highly-coveted vintage piece which can fetch around the $800 mark.

Also in demand is the Proudheart Cat Care Bear Cousin, which is worth more than $500.

The Surprise Care Bear - in the pale blue colour - is also in high demand, with its soft blue fur and jack-in-the-box motif on the front.  The 1984 Goodluck Care Bear - with a four-leaf clover on the front - is also sought after by collectors.

Of course, to make the most money you will want to make sure your Care Bears in their original boxes receive more money, as do ones that are clean and with no damage.