Give these food scraps another life by using them as a plant fertilizer


When it comes to food scraps, it's pretty easy to just chuck them in your red bin to go to landfill. It's food scraps, right? It will break down on its own over time.

While you're correct, why not give your food scraps a purpose by using them to fertilize your garden.

Banana Peels

Soak banana peels in water for a few days before using the liquid as a fertilizer.

Egg Shells

Break down your egg shells and soak in vinegar. Use the liquid to fertilize your plants. Note: If you have a slug problem, break up your shells and scatter them around the affected plants - the slugs won't want to slither over the sharp edges!

Coffee Grounds

Great to add to the compost pile.

Tea Leaves

Also great to add to the compost pile.

Pasta Water

Simply save your (unsalted) pasta after cooking & water your plants with it

All of these things also make great compost. If you don't have a compost pile started, why not make one?

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