The Breeze Take It Green

Tip Top announces that they're ditching plastic bread tags

What a great intiative!

Scientists have figured out a way to build construction with compost

The materials are reportedly as strong, if not stronger, than concrete.

5 clever buys to help you ditch single-use plastic forever

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How to make simple, reusable beeswax wraps

Here is a simple method to making beeswax wraps using just fabric and beeswax.

Give these food scraps another life by using them as a plant fertilizer

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31 ways to reduce plastic use during Plastic Free July

Here's some handy ideas for going plastic-free during Plastic Free July.

Hermès unveils new designer handbags made out of vegetables

An interesting concept, that's for sure!


What you should be sowing in your garden during June

June is a great time to plant fruit trees, brassicas, and strawberries!


Video captures bees working together to get the cap off of a Fanta bottle

Animals are so much smarter than what many give them credit for!


First of it's kind 'poo-powered' car hits the road in Australia

The car has been launched to showcase another petrol alternative for eco-conscious drivers.


Countdown begins removing caged eggs from its supermarkets



Councils around the country begin to replace plastic dog tags with metal ones

What a great initiative.


Snorkeler finds man's lost wedding ring around body of fish

Let's hope the fish is saved and the ring is retrieved!


Eleven things you can use tin foil for

These are so handy!


You can now get gorgeous cushions made from your pets fur

What a genius idea!