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Ten things you might not know about Stu and Camille
Stu & Camille
Stu & Camille

Ten things you might not know about Stu and Camille

From Stu's special comb to Camille's special talent, they have spilled it all!
15 September 2022 2:18PM

1. Stu spends a LOT of time grooming his beard. He has a special comb, beard oil and spends more time on his beard than Camille ever has on her hair! 

Stu combing his beard

2. Camille has a degree in psychology and was going to keep studying to become a psychologist, but took a year off the degree. Maybe she still will go back and finish it, one day.  

3. Camille can still do the splits at the age of 50. She usually saves displaying it for a special occasion. 

Ten things you might not know about Stu and Camille

4. Stu makes his own Kombucha, bone broth, sows his own seeds and reads books about soil. He is a complicated creature! 

Stu making Kombucha

5. Camille loves to celebrate her birthday. In fact she starts a birthday countdown in August every year - counting down to her birthday the following year on July 17th! 

6. Stu is a proud Stratford lad who likes to remind anyone listening that he once won three yellow ribbons for his calf club skills “back in the day” on the farm!! 

7. Camille LOVES Dirty Dancing and can quote different lines from the movie at random. And sing ALL of the songs. One day she wants to learn to dance just like baby!

8. Stu owns a Prius and is a little obsessed with petrol consumption - many a time he has bored anyone around him with his “Prius stats.”

9. Camille loves nature and getting outdoors but is also a huge fan of infrastructure - the expressway, bridges, new roads - Camille gets excited by them all!

10. Stu was once a hairdressing model for a newspaper advertisement. This is when he had hair and it was only the one time but boy does he like telling people about it!