The reason why crumpets have holes in them

Food 20/02/2018

Have you ever wondered why crumpets have holes in them?

According to Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped reveals that crumpets have holes in them thanks to the formation of bubbles during the vital fermentation process.

A crumpet’s bubbles form as the dough is left to ferment and prove in a warm (around 40 degrees celsius) place for a few hours. The crumpets are then cooked on deep individual hot plates, which causes the bubbles to expand. Steam from the plate shoots up through the batter, pushing the bubbles to the surface and creating holes.

"The heat of the hot plate [causes] the bubbles to expand, and the steam generated behind it pushes the bubbles up through the batter," explains the manufacturing manager of Warburtons Factory in London.

So next time you're biting into a delicious crumpet you'll know why they have lots of holes in them!

Source: Metro UK