Steve & Kath's Bucket Of Balls

Steve and Kath 26/02/2018

Steve and Kath’s Bucket of Balls, is the game where listeners can win one hundred bucks just for having a name. We have two buckets each with 26 ping pong balls in them, each ball has a letter of the alphabet written on it.

At 7.25am every morning this week, we’ll draw a letter out of the first bucket. If a listener has a name starting with that letter they need to keep listening (and/or contact everyone they know that’s first name starts with that letter). 

Straight after the 7.30am news, we reset and draw the second letter. Listeners have the length of one song to call if their names match the initials we’ve drawn. The first caller through with the correct initials wins $100. If no one calls through in time then the money jackpots to the next day. 

This morning we congratulated Jenny Tasker who took home $100!

Great work Jenny! All you have to have to compete, is a NAME!

Play again with us tomorrow morning!