Ed Sheeran reveals he's teamed up with Jimmy Barnes & Kylie Minogue for new single

Robert Scott 28/06/2021

Ed Sheeran's hiatus from music is officially over!

Fresh from the release of his latest single 'Bad Habits', Ed has revealed he has another song waiting in the wings, and it features two iconic Australian artists.

Speaking to Robert Scott about his song 'Visting Hours', which he performed at his late friend Michael Gudinski's state funeral, Ed revealed that he enlisted the help of Jimmy Barnes and Kylie Minogue to bring the song to life.

The song will be released in the coming weeks.

"So I recorded [Visting Hours] as soon as I got home and i've actually got Jimmy Barnes and Kylie Minogue singing backing vocals on it." Ed said about the song.

Ed continued, revealing that he is close with Kylie through Michael, and really connected with Jimmy Barnes the night of Michael's memorial.

"I kind of thought there and then if i'm going to put out this song, I have to have these two people involved in it. So they're both singing on it."

The song is certainly a relateable one for anyone who has lost a loved one. You can read the lyrics, and watch Ed Sheeran perform it here

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