Robert's teletubbie surprise for his son


Back in 2000 Robert and his wife were living in the UK with their 3 year old son, Sam.

At the time Sam was a massive fan of the Teletubbies so Robert had the perfect surprise for him.

Sam has just turned 20 so Robert has written a poem for him.

Sam you have turned 20

The apple of our eyes

Two decades since that trip to Fiji

And we came back with you, a surprise.

You’ve made us proud through the years

Gaming, you are astute in

And just like me, with blonde blonde hair

You cannot eat the Gluten.

So now you study broadcasting

At Uni,  AUT

For job in the Tele or print

Or radio like me.

But then there was the time when you were little

And thought it was such a score

When a giant Teletubbie came up the path

And started knocking on your door…

Yes it was me, dressed as Po

A Tubby , you said ‘Yay’

Little did I know, that I’d be wearing

that big red suit all day.

So 20 years on, you are a man...

You stand out from the crowd

And I know that your Nan, who is no longer with us

Is smiling down, and proud...