Magician, Colin Cloud reads Robert Scott's mind

Robert Scott 17/10/2017

We had the talented Scottish Magician, Colin Cloud come in for a vist ahead of Magicians - On Stage coming to NZ at the end of this month.

He chatted about what to expect from the shows and then performed one of his mind reading tricks.

Before the interview, he asked me to write on a piece of paper a murder scenario..

  • I had to list the murderer..who had to be a famous person…
  • Then the location of the murder
  • And lastly the murder weapon (I woul​d have stolen)

I then had to rip up the bit of paper, and place the pieces in my back pocket...then this unfolded...

 Magicians begins in Wellington on October 19 and finishes in Auckland on November 4. Check out all the dates here.