Cheeseburger emoji: Where does the cheese go?

Robert Scott 30/10/2017

Where do you put the cheese on your cheeseburger: on top of the patty, or underneath?

A whopper of a debate has broken out on the internet after author Thomas Baekdal noted Apple and Google disagree on where it goes in their cheeseburger emojis.

On Apple devices, the cheeseburger emoji shows the ingredients placed with tomato on the top, then cheese on top of the patty, with lettuce sitting on the bottom bun.

For Google users, the lettuce is up the top above the tomato, with the cheese sitting underneath the meat patty on the bottom.

Mr Baekdal's tweet has drawn the attention of burger critics across the internet.

"There is only one way," wrote @susuanthesquark. "The cheese must melt directly on top of the patty."

"Obviously, cheese must be on top of meat. But lettuce must be insulated by the tomato - so both are in the wrong," said @teroterotero.

"The Samsung one is even worse," pointed out @sajidcreative. "Lettuce *between* the burger and the cheese."

Even Google CEO Sundar Pichai has weighed in, saying he'll get to work addressing the controversy on Monday "if folks can agree on the correct way to do this".