Jeanette bawls her eyes out as she hears Charlie's voice for first time in 8 months

Robert and Jeanette 02/11/2020

Edit: a previous version of this article referred to Charlie by 'her' and as Jeanette's daughter. As Charlie's preferred pronouns are now they/him, we've updated this article to reflect Charlie's more accurate identity.

Jeanette finally got the chance to be able to talk to her 18-year-old eldest child Charlie who has spent the last 8 months on the tiny, isolated atoll of Kure.

Charlie has been posted there since February doing conservation work and could only send emails via satellite phone to keep in touch with the outside world.

Jeanette often shared Charlie's incredibly moving pieces of writing to The Breeze Auckland Facebook page, and as we have all been following Charlie's adventure on Kure, Jeanette thought it was only right that we got to hear Charlie's voice at the same time as she did.

Our studio cameras captured the special moment.

Watch above.