Robert & Jeanette's leaving surprise for Producer Braydon

Robert and Jeanette 11/10/2017

After years of being the Breakfast Producer for The Breeze Auckland, Producer Braydon is heading back home to Christchurch.

Before he leaves in a few weeks Robert and Jeanette wanted to give him a surprise he'd never forget...

Braydon is a music lover and plays the piano very well (although he is very modest) and once mentioned how great it would be to play the massive Organ at the Auckland Town Hall.

With a little bit of help from Kerry of The Town Hall Organ Trust, Robert and Jeanette were able to give Braydon a unqiuely Auckland experience to take away.

He started by playing Phantom of the Opera and then gave The Breeze jingle a go on the organ and it was incredible.

We will miss you Braydon!