Robert & Jeanette's Christmas surprise for a very deserving family

Robert and Jeanette 12/12/2017

To celebrate Christmas this year we wanted to do something extra special for one deserving family.

Thanks to the incredible teams at Trade Depot and Countdown we were able to give Venice and her kids the best Christmas present.

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to nominate a deserving family to win a day out at Rainbows End and lunch followed by a big surprise... that's when we came across Mel, who entered her sister Venice.

Venice is an amazing solo mother of 5 who is also a breast cancer survivor.

Robert and Jeanette rang Venice to tell her she'd won a family day out at Rainbows End and she was so thankful.

What she didn't know though was while her and the kids enjoyed their day out her sister Mel and The Breeze team would be filling up her house with $1,000 of groceries from Coutdown and $5,000 appliances from Trade Depot, as well as some extra presents for under the Xmas tree.

When they got home they got the ultimate surprise, watch the video above to see their amazing reactions.