Robert & Jeanette's 'Take That' surprise for Kate

Robert and Jeanette 08/11/2017

After we spoke to Take That's, Gary Barlow we received an email from a listener named Lynda.

Lynda emailed us about her daughter Kate saying: Hi Robert and Jeanette, I listened to your interview with Gary Barlow early this morning and wondered if you could help me.  I have a daughter now in her early 30s she is and will always be a HUGE Take That fan, (you could not see her walls and ceiling in her bedroom every inch was covered with posters when she was a teenager) we are going to Sydney to see them in 3 weeks and then again when they play Auckland, my question is, is there anyone who I could contact to see if it would be possible for her to meet them ?? we now call New Zealand home having left England 11 years ago, I don't think we will ever ever get a chance to see them again, and it would be beyond amazing for her just to say hello to them,  any contact email for me to follow up would be brilliant,

We love the Breeze and listen all day at work, thank you so so much for your time,  Lynda x

So we got in touch with Take That, they said YES and we decided to surprise Kate at her work.