Dr Libby shares some healthy eating tips with Robert & Jeanette

Robert and Jeanette 31/08/2017

The question Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Dr Libby Weaver gets asked the most is "what am I supposed to eat?"

The Australian based, Dr Libby is currently in New Zealand to promote her new book 'What Am I Supposed to Eat' and do a tour across the country.

Dr Libby talks to Robert & Jeanette about the reasons why people eat, including emotional reasons such as being happy and also when we are sad.

She also talks about the importance of listening to your body when you eat certain food and figure out how these foods make you feel.

"The body is the best feedback you have," she said.

She also touched on diets and how they rarely work and in actual fact you end up putting back on the weight, often putting on more weight when the diet fails.

She also had some advice for Robert and Jeanette on their habit of getting breakfast from the vending machine.