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Ten things you'd never know about Blair Kiddey
Blair Kiddey
Blair Kiddey

Ten things you'd never know about Blair Kiddey

From his pet possum to the reason why he chose tap dancing when he seven, he has revealed it all!
16 September 2022 2:14PM

1. At the age of seven, I did tap dancing classes. Not because I had a passion for dance or saw myself as the next Billy Elliot, but because I had a crush on the teacher.

2. Before being a radio announcer I dreamed of becoming a poultry farmer. I still like the idea of having some chickens again one day.

3. I'm originally from Waiau, a small town in North Canterbury, and have also lived in both Timaru and Blenheim - but having lived here the longest of them, Nelson is very much home now.

4. At school I learned to play the flute, solely because I wanted to progress to the saxophone (which I did). I  also play guitar and can manage to keep a beat on the drums. Pursuing music was actually the reason I boarded at Nelson College!

5. I was a senior patrol leader with Scouts.

6. I used to race a go-kart and am a massive petrolhead at heart - Bathurst weekend is always a big day in my house.

7. I'm an aspiring home brewer.

8. I used to have a pet possum - it came in to work with me and slept in the drawer. Yes, I'm serious!

9. My radio career began at Fifeshire FM almost 30 years ago, in the same studio where I work now.

10. My radio career highlights include sinking a three point shot against the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team when they played at the Trafalgar Centre, and standing in the Globe of Death when the circus visited Nelson one time.