How to perfectly slice up a birthday cake

Mark & Jolene 26/06/2017

You might already think you are an expert at serving up birthday cake but baker, Katherine Sabbath has a few suggestions.

It seems most of us have been slicing cake up wrong. Taking wedges that are awkward, and in a tower cake result in toppling pieces that ruin the beautiful look of the cake.

In a video posted to her @katherine_sabbath Instagram account and Facebook page on June 10, the cake queen shows off a cutting technique that you'll wish you knew about sooner. The Instagram post alone has since racked up 1.2million views and counting. 

"To give you a bit of context, I showed my friend Julie how to cut the first two outer layers of the cake," Sabbath tells 9Kitchen. "And then I started filming as she cut the third layer." 
So the demonstration is by no means executed by someone with lots of practice, which means you can master it the first time you try.

Nine, Kitchen.